A new Dean for University of Mannheim, Business School


Prof. Dr Dieter Truxius

Professor Dr. Dieter Truxius has been named as new Dean of the University of Mannheim, Business School, Germany. The former CFO of Dachser SE took up the position on February 1st and will replace Dr. Juergen M. Schneider who is completing his six-year term

The Mannheim model: business brings to academia

With Professor Truxius, another former company board member assumes the position of Dean of the Business School, making him the second professional dean of the Business School. As the former CFO of the logistics company Dachser SE, the 63-year-old has decades of practical, professional experience behind him and has, over the years, established close ties with the University of Mannheim, Business School as an honorary professor.

The University of Mannheim, Germany

The University of Mannheim, Germany

In 2010, Dr. Juergen M. Schneider was appointed as the first dean from a professional background in Germany, coming not from the ranks of academia per se but, as a former board member of the Mannheim engineering and service company Bilfinger SE, he made the move from being a business professional to the academic field. The successful model, successively implemented by other German university schools, will continue with the election of Professor Truxius.

The task ahead

The new Dean is motivated and excited about his task to take the Business School forward. He praises the quality of the students: “People who study in Mannheim are down to earth but still excellent. In my time at the company, I was able to experience myself how competent Mannheim’s alumni really are, getting ahead in their career while still remaining modest.” He is also convinced of the quality of research in Mannheim, which he aims to strengthen with a stronger exchange between research and practice. As such, he also takes up position as a contributor member of the Council on Business & Society and the spokesman for his school on Council affairs and projects.

DSC_3456The new Dean is aware of the challenges of the academic field as a whole. “A university is different from a company,” he asserts, “because while the industry is strictly organized, the academic field has trouble with rapid problem-solving.” Regarding the quality of decisions, in his future role as Dean, Professor Truxius plans to examine more closely and more thoroughly the academic decision-making process while remaining determined to continue to enhance the school’s reach in Europe and beyond with new academic programmes such as the Mannheim Master in Business Research (MMBR) designed for students who want to choose a quantitative-based career in areas such as investment banking, market research or logistics, and via engagement with the Council on Business & Society and its presence in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

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