Makeshift Completes the 2015 Forum

The Council and speakers at the 2015 Boston Forum featured in Makeshift magazine, a field guide to hidden creativity

The Makeshift team: Myles, Maria, Matt

Makeshift: Myles, Maria, Matt

Myles Estey (Editor-in-Chief), Maria Gallucci (Features Editor) and Matt Peters (Video Producer) of Makeshift were omnipresent during the events that marked the 2015 Council on Business & Society Boston Forum, interviewing and filming key speakers for a forthcoming issue of their international magazine.

Globetrotting for innovation

Makeshift magazine at the Council 2015 ForumTrue globetrotters, the three reporters are part of five-hundred people throughout the world on the ground for the magazine.Makeshift is specialised in unearthing creativity and innovation solutions in sectors as varied as education, engineering, the environment and communication. Dedicated to investigative journalism, it has a mission to uncover innovation that is tied in to the common good, more often than not focusing on cheaper and more cost-effective new design alternatives from hidden talents with an aim to demonstrate how creative innovation can come from the ground up.

The unique perspective of the Council

Interview with Adam Bernstein, New Energy Capital

Interview with Adam Bernstein, New Energy Capital

Makeshift’s interest in the Forum was fuelled by the unique perspective of the Council on Business & Society – a grouping of six major business and management schools with a truly international and multicultural perspective on key issues at the crossroads of business and society and capable of bringing together leading policy-makers, academics, NGOs and business leaders around a given topic. Energy, Business and Society – this year’s Council theme – provided a great occasion for Makeshift to meet and exchange with spokespeople in the energy field such as Dutch Kuyper, CEO of Parker Ranch; Philippe Joubert from the World Energy Council; Antonio Volpin, Director of McKinsey & Company; Peter F. Smith, CEO of Citizens Energy Corporation; and Prof. Charles Cho, Director of ESSEC Business school’s Center of Excellence for Management & Society, among many other distinguished guests.

A field guide to hidden creativity

Makeshift issues include focuses on low-cost healthcare innovations and new design in setting up makeshift camps for disaster zones and, in the December issue, creativity and innovation in the food chain and the uncovering of better, more sustainable, cheaper ways to manage the process. The magazine works both on a subscription basis, off on online via Barnes & Noble, or is available through distributors located in the UK and Europe, the Asia-Pacific region and the USA and Canada.

In the words of Myles Estey, Canadian born Editor-in-Chief of makeshift magazine, ‘Makeshift is a field guide to hidden creativity. We believe ingenuity can be found everywhere if you know where to look. Our motto is “Let us tag along on your creative pursuit”’.

Watch the Makeshift video report on the Bicycle Machines of Guatemala

Visit the Makeshift website

Watch reports from the Makeshift YouTube channel

Contact Makeshift’s Editor-in-Chief, Myles Estey: MYLES@MKSHFT.ORG

Photos by Laura Miller, University of Mannheim, Business School

Article by Tom Gamble, ESSEC Business School

The Six Schools of the Council on Business & Society: ESSEC Business School, FGV-EAESPSchool of Management Fudan University, Keio Business School, University of Mannheim Business School, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth

The Council on Business & Society Global Alliance is an ongoing international dialogue between six of the world’s leading business schools and an organiser of Forums focusing on issues at the crossroads of business and society – The Council Community helps bring together business leaders, academics, students and journalists from around the world. #CouncilonBusinessandSociety

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