ESSEC and Mannheim drive BMW to China

A telling example of how higher education institutions can work together

Council on Business & Society Corporate PhilanthropyESSEC Business School, France, and the University of Mannheim Business School, Germany, provide a telling example of how schools can spark innovation from partnerships and student exchange. Both founding members of the Council on Business & Society on which this blog communicates, ESSEC and the University of Mannheim have also worked togther since 2003, establishing joint degrees and faculty and student exchanges. These close ties have led to the publication of a case study co-produced by Maximilan Schulz, a Master of Science in Management student from Mannheim and Professor Ashok Som of ESSEC Business School.

Join the race for BMW’s bid to reach pole position on the luxury car market in China

BMW ESSEC PublishingAuthors Maximilian Schulz and award-winning case writer Prof. Ashok Som put the prestigious brand BMW under the spotlight in its attempt to compete with arch-rivals Audi and Mercedes in the luxury car segment of the Chinese market. Specifically designed to promote lively classroom debate, students discover the Chinese market, consumer perspectives, and competitor marketing while following the newly appointed President and CEO of BMW’s China division in the challenge to carry out in-depth market analysis and produce a winning luxury strategy for BMW. The case comes with a comprehensive set of analyses, statistics, market information and teaching notes accompanied by Maximilan’s stunning PowerPoint visuals.

About the authors

Maximillian Schultz ESSEC Publishing

Maximilian Schulz

“The intensive partnership between the University of Mannheim and the Essec Business School manifests in a steady exchange of international students,” says Maximilian Schulz.

Fascinated by French culture and way of life, and driven by the very close ties between the University of Mannheim and ESSEC Business School, Maximilian Schulz studied for a semester on the Cergy campus, France.

He attended Prof. Ashok Som’s class “Global Strategy and the Luxury Business” a course dealing with the challenges of international companies in the luxury sector and aiming at bridging the gap between theory and practice through case studies and presentations.

As part of final grading, students were set the assignment of developing their own case study. Long-since fascinated and passionate by the car industry – especially BMW – Maximilian decided to develop the case around the trade-off German premium car manufacturers face in satisfying European and Chinese customers with Professor Ashok Som supervising the road to publication.  “I really appreciate Ashok’s offer to finalize and publish my case with his assistance and I hope that this will provide a resourceful inspiration for future students,” concludes Maximilian Schulz.

Prof. Ashok Som

Prof. Ashok Som

Ashok Som is a Professor in the Management Department at ESSEC Business School, France and one of the world’s leading academics. His work focuses on the luxury sector and the creation and evolution of organizational capabilities and performances during periods of intense organizational re-design.

Prof. Som has written many works including the business case Coach: To Be or not to be Luxury co-authored with Stephanie Masson, ESSEC Alumnus, and which won the prestigious 2014 Case Centre Best Case Award for Entrepreneurship; and the book The Road to Luxury: the evolution, markets and strategies of luxury brand management, co-authored with Christian Blanckaert, and published by Wiley.

Learn more about Prof. Ashok Som

Learn more about Maximilian Schulz

Preview the case on the ESSEC Publishing site

University of Mannheim ESSEC


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