Study like royalty: the Mannheim Master in Management

With its Mannheim Master in Management program (MMM), the University of Mannheim Business School offers a very unique Master’s program: flexible, diverse and multi-faceted, it prepares future leaders for a truly international career.

The University of Mannheim, Germany

The University of Mannheim, Germany

Only in Mannheim it is possible to study in a palace and on an urban campus at the same time: The University of Mannheim is mainly housed in Germany’s largest baroque palace and the campus is located in the city center. Studying in Mannheim means studying in the “city of squares. “ The streets are based on a grid system. It balances its industrial charm with many green areas along its two rivers Rhine and Neckar. Together with the cities Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen, Mannheim constitutes the metropolitan area Rhine-Neckar. 2.4 million inhabitants, a great infrastructure and many globally active companies turn it into one of the most attractive business hubs in Germany.

The Mannheim Master in Management (MMM) is a consecutive Master’s program, meaning it follows the Bachelor of Science and culminates in the academic degree Master of Science (M.Sc.). The MMM differs from other Masters’ programs since it allows students to structure their curriculum according to their interests and needs. With various specializations and the opportunity to study a diverse set of subjects, the MMM offers flexibility with academic rigor and so far has been unparalleled in Germany.

While students can choose course curriculum and specializations, all students are required to complete core courses before they can be awarded the degree. The core courses are five compulsory subjects that help create a strong knowledge base that students can build on. However, MMM students also have the option of selecting electives in neighboring disciplines. The University of Mannheim is also home to other prominent Schools, affiliated with the Business School, meaning that students can choose from a variety of options stretching from law to fine arts to complement their managerial skills.

MMM students

MMM students

Unique is also the international outlook of the MMM. All courses are offered in English (“English track”), thus making it also relevant for students without German language skills. The University of Mannheim, Business School fosters international exchange: it offers students the option of spending a semester abroad on an exchange program at one of its 200 partner universities – a network of the best universities across the world. Another option for graduate students is the chance to be admitted to one of the Double Degree Programs. On completion, students are awarded two degrees in the same period of study, the MMM from the University of Mannheim and the degree from one of its seven partner universities, e.g. the ESSEC Business School.

The University of Mannheim, Business School has a strong orientation towards research. Students enrolled in the MMM can pursue a Ph.D. through the Center for Doctoral Studies in Business (CDSB), which offers excellent prerequisites for a future career in academia.  It also maintains strong links with some of the most prestigious organizations and corporations. Students are encouraged to participate in the various workshops on campus and to attend guest lectures conducted by the top management of its corporate partners.

The University of Mannheim also strongly believes that future managers and leaders are spawned only through all-round development. More than 40 accredited organizations can be found at the University of Mannheim where students contribute their talents and acquired skills in a practical manner to a social cause and their fellow students. Business students are often front-runners when it comes to founding new initiatives.

Among the newest initiative is “VinUM”, an organization dedicated to wine. The exchange between students and the local wine industry is the most important aspect (Mannheim is surrounded by the best wine growing regions in Germany), as is education on wine as a cultural product. Another initiative is the “Children’s Future Fund e.V.,” and the majority of its 25 member are enrolled in the Mannheim Master in Management program. The initiative supports two children’s homes in Bali and Nepal through donations which are collected at fundraising concerts and go directly to children in need of help.

Interested students have the chance to visit the “MMM virtual information fair”, which takes place annually in spring, before the application period starts. It can be accessed from everywhere in the world and visitors have the chance to chat with professors, program managers and students. All information is available in English and the attendance is free of charge.

Watch the video of the MMM!

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4 responses to “Study like royalty: the Mannheim Master in Management

  1. I am impressed with what I know so far about University of Mannheim. I am interested in applying for the MMM programme later next year (2016). Currently, I have a year more to complete an undergraduate programme (BSc. Operations and Supply Chain Management) in Ghana. Hopefully, I shall be a student of Mannheim University next year.

  2. I have heard so much about this program and I hope to be student here next year.
    I have done a 3 year Bachelor degree in Commerce from India. I hope that is equal to 180 ECTs required by the program.

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