This month’s Community hosts: Profs. Takashi Iwamoto and Atsuomi Obayashi of KBS, Japan

The Council Community has great pleasure in welcoming this month’s Community Hosts, Professors Takashi Iwamoto and Atsuomi Obayashi of Keio Business School, Japan.

Takashi Iwamoto

Prof. Takashi Iwamoto

With a PhD from the University of Los Angeles, California, Prof. Iwamoto carries out research at Keio in the fields of new business and industry creation, management of technology, entrepreneurship and HR. He is also a Project Professor for the school and teaches and lectures in Good Business Initiative.

Prof. Atsuomi Obayashi graduated with a PhD from the University of Chicago and specialises in research at Keio in the areas of industrial organisation and microeconomics. Prof. Obayashi teaches in the Advanced Studies in Decisions and Strategies, Management Science, and Managerial Economics courses at Keio.

Prof. Atsumoi Obayashi

Prof. Atsumoi Obayashi

About Keio

KBS was founded in 1962 as Japan’s first business school and since its creation has been known as KBS. Today, KBS encompasses the Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration (conferring MBA and Ph.D. degrees) and the Keio Business School (providing short-term executive seminars). KBS has a distinct approach to learning through its in-house case methods which encourage classes to be highly collaborative and cooperative, raising the educational effectiveness through a learning community. KBS was ranked No.1 in Japan in 2014 and delivers a flagship local and international MBA.

KBS campus

KBS campus

The Council on Business & Society Global Alliance is an ongoing international dialogue between six of the world’s leading business schools and an organiser of Forums focusing on issues at the crossroads of business and society – The Council Community helps bring together business leaders, academics, students and journalists from around the world. #CouncilonBusinessandSociety

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