Anne S. Tsui

Prof. of International Management, Anne S. Tsui

Prof. of International Management, Anne S. Tsui

The Council Community is delighted to welcome this month’s host, the distinguished Professor Anne S. Tsui, Motorola Professor of International Management at the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, and Distinguished Visiting and Honorary Professor in the School of Management at Fudan University. In 2002, she founded the International Association for Chinese Management Research and Management and Organization Review, a journal dedicated to Chinese Management research, and for which she has been serving as Editor-in-Chief since 2003. Dr. Tsui is 87th (among 778) most cited researcher in business and economics (1993 to 2003), 21st of the top 100 most cited management scholars in 1981 to 2001, and 49th of 150 most-cited authors among 25,000 management authors in 30 management journals in the years 1981 to 2004. Visit the Fudan School of Management website

Focus on the Fudan School of Management, China

Located in Shanghai and founded a century ago, the Fudan School of Management, Fudan University was voted China’s leading university and business school in China in 2013 and has consecutively risen in the prestigious FT international rankings to reach the top 50 or so ranked schools worldwide.

Fudan School of Management campus, Shanghai

Fudan School of Management campus, Shanghai

As China’s first higher education institution to establish the educational system of Business Administration, Fudan University created the business discipline in as early as 1917, and later set up the School of Business in 1929 to resume once again, after the period of reforms, in 1977. It first obtained EQUIS and AACSB accreditation in 2009 and 2010 respectively. Fudan has a comprehensive bouquet of departments and cross-discipline research centers/institutes and the school’s faculty accounts for a near-100 percent of PhD which strengthens the school’s capacity for high-level research. Forty per cent of Fudan faculty earned their degrees overseas and the school boasts a wide range of international exchanges with 87 different higher education institutions including the International MBA program in conjunction with MIT Sloan, Hong Kong University and the Norwegian Business School. Fudan is proud to highlight the fact that its Alumni count more than 30,000 working in business and management throughout China and worldwide. Fudan School of Management is a founding member of the Council of Business & Society.

Fudan's future addition to the campus
Fudan’s future addition to the campus

Visit the Fudan School of Management website. The Council on Business & Society Global Alliance is an ongoing international dialogue between six of the world’s leading business schools and an organiser of Forums focusing on issues at the crossroads of business and society – The Council Community helps bring together business leaders, academics, students and journalists from around the world. #CouncilonBusinessandSociety

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