At a Glance!

Council on Business & Society at a glance entrepreneurshipWomen entrepreneurs in Brazil

  • Brazil has a high rate of entrepreneurship in relation to the size of its population
  • 30% of its active workforce, between the ages of 18 and 64, is involved in entrepreneurial activities
  • Brazil was ranked 130th in the world for ease of conducting business in a national context
  • 25% of all newly established firms closed before completing reaching the two years of existence mark
  • 49.6% of Brazilian startups are headed by women
  • 44% of successful (surviving 3 or more years) startups are directed by women
  • 30.6% of Brazilian families are now headed by women

350 women participating in the FGV-EAESP / Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women Project for underserved women entrepreneurs since 2008

Results: improvement in women entrepreneur revenue; increase in recruitment as their businesses grow; beneficial consequences for their families and communities; improved self-esteem; sustained post-program meetings and networking events among women entrepreneurs.

Read the full report on the Women and Entrepreneurship project

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