At a Glance!

CSR in Morocco

CSR in Morocco

CSR and Morocco


  • Organization of CSR conferences
  • Establishment of certifications
  • Ratings by specialized agencies
  • Creation of CSR departments in large companies
  • Implementation of a CSR label and certification procedure, the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM)

How to build on this:

  • Encourage Moroccan business leaders to go one step further and set up a ‘corporate citizen’ label
  • Based on objective indicators that measure the respect of and compliance with the laws
  • This new label should then be distributed widely across Moroccan companies
  • Especially among small and medium size firms where a lot remains to be done to promote legal practices.

By Professor Hamid Bouchikhi, ESSEC Business School

Read Professor Hamid Bouchikhi’s full article When CSR Must Begin with Observing the Rule of Law

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