Health and Health Care: How Can Business Schools Play a Part?

On March 6-7, 2014, the second edition of the Council on Business & Society’s International Forum, which took place in Tokyo at Keio Business School, was a great success, focusing on health and health care from a global perspective. 20140306131100_MG_7625

The forum welcomed more than 250 members of the corporate world, researchers, NGO representatives, politicians and students who came together to discuss issues related to health and health care management such as why corporate health management is important, how to promote employee health, what are the challenges of the health care industry in an ageing society as well as innovation and technology in health care.

During the forum, participants shared their expertise about diverse issues related to health and discussed what role business schools can play in helping to solve some of the most pressing healthcare issues.  One of the key takeaways that emerged in response to this question explains:

“Health is both good business and a moral imperative. Business schools must educate leaders on why good health is a good business model, and instill in students a culture of health as a responsibility on par with corporate governance, financial propriety, and corporate social responsibility.”

20140306133952_DSC2221 In addition to academics specialized in healthcare from the partnering schools, high-profile speakers such as Takeshi Erikawa, Former Vice-Minister of the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare; Yuki Murakami from the OECD; and Axel Baur, Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company also spoke during the forum.

Weren’t able to attend the forum? You’re in luck, the results and insights which came out of the forum will be presented in a white paper, which will be available in a few weeks on the Council website. Also, feel free to check out the photo gallery of the 2014 Forum.


The next forum of the Council on Business & Society will be organized by the Tuck School of Business in the fall of 2015 in the U.S. on the themes of energy and environment.

More than just an annual forum, the Council on Business & Society  is an ongoing international dialogue – The Council Community helps bring together business leaders, academics and journalists from around the world. #CouncilonBusinessandSociety

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