An Innovative Charity E-shop that Benefits All

According to Professor Yong SU, Chair of the Department of Business Administration in the School of Management, Fudan University, “The website converts the traditional one-way charity model into an interactive one by combining charity with e-commerce operations, and therefore allows every one of the participants to benefit from charity.”

He said that, Ms. ZHOU and her management team’s emphasis on sharing enable them to successfully draw in donors, as well as donation-receivers, into every step of their activities and therefore create an interactive environment that backs the realization of a win-win result for everyone.

More than that, Ms. ZHOU has integrated the e-commerce operational model into the management structure of the charity. By doing so, she is optimizing the current Internet of making the experience convenient for the people, interacting with them, and enabling them to participate in charity activities without causing extra burden to their already busy life.

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