The future of Obamacare…

President Barack Obama’s signature health care law is currently the heat of debate among US congressmen and has subsequently plunged the United States government in to its first shutdown since 1995.  The Democratic-led Senate and the Republican-led House of Representatives could not agree on a budget spending plan for the fiscal year that began on October 1, 2013.  As a result, approximately 800,000 government workers have been furloughed.

The Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, is at the core of this bitter debate. The controversial law, that was originally passed on March 23, 2010 and upheld by the Supreme Court in 2012, aims to increase the affordability of health insurance and provide coverage for the 15% of the US population that is currently uninsured.  The law, which will require all Americans to obtain health care coverage, is not directly tied to funding the government.  In fact, most of the money for Obamacare will come from new taxes and fees, but Republican tea party conservatives are convinced it will significantly hurt the economy. Consequently, they have passed a bill which would delay Obamacare for another year.

As the standoff continues and thousands of Americans sit at home waiting for a resolution, we are tempted to ask, is the healthcare bill so bad that it’s worth shutting down the government?

What do you think should be the future of the Affordable Care Act?

Let us know what you think! Answer the opinion poll or leave a comment.

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